Certification: LEED DGNB
The offices of the environmental organisation Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in Washington D.C. - LEED Gold Standard with interior walls from strawboard panels.

COMMERCIAL & Public Buildings

Excellence: World Award for Sustainable Energy
The Mensch-Haus-Umwelt office building in Paderborn's Technology Park was one of 10 out of 1,100 participating buildings worldwide to be awarded the "World Energy Globe". The building used strawboard panels for the internal and external walls.
Longevity: Flawless after 45 years
Gruga Hall, Essen - the entire roof of 7,000m2 was lined with strawboard panels in 1965 and still serves its purpose well, without any issues.

Mensch-Haus-Umwelt office building with straw panel walls
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2011 STRAWTEC Group AG
Marcel Breuer, 1902-1981,
German-American architect,

who paved the way for wall systems made from compressed straw.
Photo: Polygoon Hollands Nieuws
Mitglied im DGNB
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STRAWTEC state of the art wall systems for commercial building offer a healthy indoor climate and energy-efficiency. As environmental certification of buildings becomes increasingly important STRAWTEC leads the way.
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