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Marcel Breuer, 1902-1981,
German-American architect,

who paved the way for wall systems made from compressed straw.
Photo: Polygoon Hollands Nieuws

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STRAWTEC - Production and Low Cost Construction for Affordable and Sustainable Housing
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Wall Systems by STRAWTEC, Kigali / Rwanda -  Compressed Straw Fibre
Panels Create Affordable, Fast and Sustainable Building Solutions for  Africa
and international  markets.

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TV Report: Africa Industrialisation
Day at the STRAWTEC factory area
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TV Report CNBC Africa:
STRAWTEC investment in
Rwanda (click image)
Report: Construction training
of future STRAWTEC craftsmen
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Report: Farmer Training
for straw handling, baling
and storage (click image)
Report: STRAWTEC Certification
for craftsmen and craftswomen
at the Nyanza Technical School
of Rwanda (click image)
German TVET Conference Rwanda
Report: German TVET
Conference Rwanda
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Production and Construction of STRAWTEC straw boards in Europe.
An similar manufacturing facility - upgraded for the special african  demands - is working  now in Kigali, Rwanda at the New Special Ecomic Zone.
STRAWTEC - Videos/Reports
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Report: H.E President of Djibouti
Ismaïl Omar Guelleh visited
STRAWTEC (click image)
TV Report IGIHE TV Rwanda
Grand Opening of the Gisozi
Hights Model House (click image)
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