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Marcel Breuer, 1902-1981,
German-American architect,

who paved the way for wall systems made from compressed straw.
Photo: Polygoon Hollands Nieuws

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STRAWTEC - Production and Low Cost Construction for Affordable and Sustainable Housing
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Wall Systems by STRAWTEC, Kigali / Rwanda -  Compressed Straw Fibre
Panels Create Affordable, Fast and Sustainable Building Solutions for  Africa
and international  markets.

TV Report CNBC Africa:
STRAWTEC investment in
Rwanda (click image)
Report: Construction training
of future STRAWTEC craftsmen
(click image)
Report: Farmer Training
for straw handling, baling
and storage (click image)
STRAWTEC Building Solutions Ltd, Kigali, Rwanda at the New Special Economic Zone

- Production of STRAWTEC Wall Panels for Construction, Partitioning and Renovation

- Construction of Affordable Houses for the high demand in Kigali, High Quality Residentials, Commercial and Public Buildings

- Training and Skills Development for Craftsmen and Farmers.
Tel: +49 (0) 6221 649 240
Tel: +250 (0) 786 486844
Report: H.E President of Djibouti
Ismaïl Omar Guelleh visited
STRAWTEC (click image)
TV Report IGIHE TV Rwanda
Grand Opening of the Gisozi
Hights Model House (click image)
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Report: STRAWTEC Certification
for craftsmen and craftswomen
at the Nyanza Technical School
of Rwanda (click image)
Billboard Teaser for
the luxury Project
Gisozi Heights (click image)
See the fast construction of a  small house. The wall and roof installation was finished within 48 hours.
(click Image)
A pre-fabricated house construction is uncomparable fast, sustainable and follows high quality standards. (click Image)
CNBC Interview with STRAWTEC CEO Armin Burckhardt about Affordable Housing  (click image)
Rwanda's President Paul Kagame visits the STRAWTEC factory at the New Special Economic Zone  (click image)
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